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"You Won't Believe" from Rosler's Recording Booth. Vocal by Spottiwoode. (This concept CD features ten guest artists: Spottiswoode, Jeremy Sisto, Terry Radigan, John Margolis, Tam Lin, Isabel Keating, Tamara Hey, Kathena Bryant, Jon Albrink & Don Rosler.

On our CD, this song is connected to the opening track, "Recording Booth", vocal by Don Rosler (but it stands on it's own as well).

All of our artists are NYC-based. Throwing a big fat kiss to NYC!


You Won’t Believe — written by Don Rosler
(Performed by Spottiswoode)

Baby, I tell ya
You Won’t Believe
Where I’m singing words to you…

Guess what building I’m on top of
Making up this song for you
I’ll give one hint, ol’ King Kong hangs here
But I can’t squeeze him in this booth

But now he’s asleep in the deep of the night
So I’ll sing this song on my own
And I am bathing tonight
in these red and green lights
And soon I’ll be sending for…

You won’t believe
Where I’m singing these words to you

Here I am on Coney Island
Don’t ask how I got this job
I help this old man run the Cyclone
It don’t pay much but it ain’t hard

And when he’s asleep in the deep of the night
I rigged up a ride of my own
Where I can just
ride to the top, then I stop for awhile
With waves of dreams sending for…

You won’t believe the fantastical curious
Things you will see when you come here to
be with me
You can’t conceive all the strange and

Lately days are getting cold here
The Cyclone’s closed but I found work
That’s deep within the old bell chamber
Way way up at Riverside Church

So listen my sweet, listen deep in the night
Cause I’ll ring some bells on my own
Bet they’ll all think it’s a ghost
Or some kids running wild
But you’ll hear that bell ring and…

You won’t believe
just how clearly you’ll hear them

So listen my sweet as you sleep in the night
I’ll send you a song all my own
Baby, the Empire lights
are now yellow and white
Soon those lights will be bathing...

You, you and I,
from our rooftop we’ll see them
And you won’t believe
all the wild and wonderful
Dreams we’ll conceive
the fantastical, curious...
Here we’ll be in New York City
The Empire lights are now red, bathed in red!
For you and me


released August 1, 2011
Spottiswoode – lead vocal
Everett Bradley – bckg. vocals
Gary Schreiner – piano, accordion
William Blend – Hammond Organ
Jim Gately – guitar, mandolin, keyboards
Jon Albrink – bass
Chris Coniglio – bass clarinet
Shawn Pelton – drums
Produced & Arranged by Don Rosler &
Jim Gately
Recorded & Mixed by Jim Gately
at Valhalla Sound, NYC
Drums recorded at SP’s Beat Palace, NYC
Lisha Music (SESAC)



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Rosler's Recording Booth New York, New York

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